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Here are some of the Suunto Dive Computer and their features:

Suunto D4

Easy-to-use wristop dive computer with innovative freedive mode

  • User-friendly design featuring easy-to-read matrix display
  • Three dive modes, including dedicated freedive mode, 
  • Continuous decompression with the Suunto RGBM algorithm

Suunto Zoop

A great value, easy-to-operate dive computer


  • Easy to use with super-bright phosphorescent LCD display
  • Air and Nitrox modes for a range of dive situations
  • Built-in dive planner for planning upcoming dives





Aqualung wetsuit 3mm Rental Fullsuit

Price: Php 4,800.00





Aqualung wetsuit 3mm Rental Shorty

Price: Php 2,900.00


Aqualung rashguard for women

Price: Php 1,750.00



Aqualung rashguard for men

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Rashguard for kids are also available in the shop.


Price : Php 1,200.00